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Bevos baits

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Bevos Baits

We Have been reviewing two of bevos baits boilies which i will tell you about in this review below


This boilie has taw two lakes apart over the weekend.I took it to a club lake i fish and it has been fishing slow and a guy that cam along was not having any takes while i was getting take after take,so i past him some of the dominator for him to try out on one of his rods and he was so pleased when his first run came seconds after the recast with the domimator on.

The Dominator

The original Dominator,Bevo's Baits benchmark base mix,This bait uses a squid crayfish flavour with hydrolyzed marine attractor. This is a pre-digested fishmeal with a low oil content,which makes it a great all year round bait.


This Boilie work but i think it did not work aswell cos it was on a not so good spot in the lake i tried this on another lake and this was the case as this bait worked great aswell and i put this bait in the shallow edging and we could see the carp and tench coming into the shallows feeding on the boilies and turning up the bottom looking for more.We broke some of the boilies into smaller shapes and sizes and sure enough the smaller fish also come into the swim.


So with a over all view of these two baits i would give them a 10/10 as worked really well on the two lakes and i will be going back for more to use them again very soon.

The baits are all available on their main website


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